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JMW Insurance Solutions Testimonials

JMW puts the client first. When I speak with Marty I know that he will make a recommendation that meets my insurance need rather than just earning a commission. He works to address what I need. That’s value.      Dave S., June 2017

Quick response, every time…     Customer, May 2017

Very friendly and helpful. Jumps right in when I call about an emergency. Efficient service.     Christine S., May 2017


Marty is the man. Have called him several times asking for quotes or changes and sometimes last minute. He has always come through for me and in a timely manner. It seems hard these days to find people who do quality work but that’s not the case here. I would highly recommend JMW Insurance to anybody.     Cory H., May 2017

I hold JMW Insurance Solutions in the highest regard. Words that immediately come to mind to describe Marty: Knowledgeable, prompt, courteous, effective, thorough and professional. He consistently exceeds expectations.     Brian S., customer since 2000

Absolutely the best customer service! Goes above and beyond expectations to find you the best product that fits your needs!     Nancy B., May 2017

JMW is great to work with. Quick response every time we have a question or make a change to our coverage, which is quite often. Also looks to find the best value for our insurance needs.     Brent S., May 2017

Marty Johnson is well-versed on the latest insurance products and I trust his recommendations implicitly. He always looks out for me and I have been his client for years.     Joan C., customer since 2010

Any question or concerns have been quickly resolved in a timely manner, we are grateful and confident with JMW Insurance Solutions.     Karl P., May 2017

Marty has been my broker for many years, covering both personal and work related policies. He is extremely knowledgeable and responsive, I really couldn’t ask for more.     Keith T., May 2017

Marty has been handling nearly all of my business and personal insurance for years. He knows his stuff and takes great care of us. Thanks!     Kathy W., May 2017

Amazing quality of service. Marty was completely professional doing nothing less than an outstanding job.     Scott M., May 2017

Anything I’ve ever asked of you has been done quickly and efficiently. I get specific answers to questions I have posed.     Customer, May 2017

You get a 9 because nobody is perfect except me 🙂 Seriously though, you rock Marty!     Customer, April 2017

Martin Johnson 111 listens and helps whenever he can! He is awesome!     Stephan N., April 2017

JMW Insurance is one of the best companies I deal with. They have amazing service and efficiency.     Joshua H., April 2017

Not only did Mr. Johnson offer strong suggestions to my needs, he has followed up with all my concerns. He is a person who I feel I could contact and ask for advise and trust what he says. Thank You, Carol     Customer since 2014

Very low rates and friendly service.thanks j fink     Jeffrey F., April 2017

JMW Insurance people really rock! Thank you for taking the time to look over all the best options for insurance coverage that best fits me and my personal needs! I feel I have the best possible protection for a great cost!     Kathryn M., April 2017

Martin is the best. He always searches for the most economical rates for each client. Thank you for your service.     Customer, April 2017

You saved us quite a bit of money by providing insurance policies with lower premiums. Besides that, you were great to work with. Made my life easier. Thanks, Lina.     Customer, April 2017

By reviewing my coverage each year and looking out for my best interests, you saved my family over $800 on my combined home and auto policy premiums one year! I have never had an agent call me to say he found better coverage for significantly less money before…I am beyond satisfied with the service your company provides! I HIGHLY recommend JMW Insurance Solutions!     Elaine L., April 2017