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ATV Insurance Difference Between Stated Amount and Actual Cash Value

By October 2, 2019November 16th, 2021Insurance, Personal Insurance

Hello. Marty Johnson, JMW Insurance Solutions. As summer comes to an end, the desert and the dirt are starting to call some of our names.

So I wanted to talk to you a little bit about an important part of coverage for your rides that we take out in the desert. So you have replacement cost value or actual cost value, and you have a stated amount coverage on your insurance for your side by side, ATV, buggy, sand rail, whatever you have. Those two different coverages mean different things.

So the stated amount is if you have a value of $40,000 on your ride and you insure it for $40,000, that’s what you get at a total loss. If you have the actual cash value, it’s what it would cost to replace that vehicle for the same year, make, model and accessories. So make sure you have the right coverage that meets your needs.

Martin Johnson, JMW Insurance Solutions. Have an awesome trip. Call JMW Insurance Solutions at 951-501-2900 if you have any questions at all!