By Martin Johnson III | July 29, 2019

Home Owners Insurance – Before You Buy, INSPECT!

Purchasing a new home is thrilling, and many new families are eager to sign on the dotted line and move into their new castle right away. As experienced insurers, we’ve seen many families fall into trouble by moving too quickly when purchasing a home, and we want to encourage home buyers to take it slow and make good decisions before making a lifelong commitment to a new property.

The Truth About your New Home

As much as we’d like sellers to provide every bit of information potentially negative information concerning a home, the truth is they often don’t. It’s up to you to ask all the important questions and double check all the important areas of a new home, including the foundation, cellar, attic, the interior of the walls, and the spacing between the floors, just to name a few. There could be many serious problems affecting a new home, but these problems may or may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Preventing Costly Repairs

To help you spot these problems ahead of time, it’s crucial to engage an inspector you know and trust to have a look at your new home BEFORE you buy. Keep in mind – this is so important – that if you purchase a home with existing problems, a homeowner’s insurance policy might not cover everything. But if you’ve taken the time to bring in an inspector, it may prevent a claim on your insurance policy and you might even get a discount on your home insurance premium!

Think about the time and expense it would take to repair termite damage to the floors or walls of your new home, or having to start a weeks-long mold removal process right after you’ve moved in. We’ve seen new homes that have foundation problems, hidden water damage, or that have even required an entire roof replacement. Other common problems might include issues with plumbing, faulty electrical outlets, or the need for tree removal. These can all be quite expensive to cover out of pocket, which is why it’s so important to spot them early.

Secure Your Investment

Don’t fall victim to unscrupulous sellers. Engaging a home inspector is quick and easy, and will provide you with solid information on the new home you and your family are thinking about buying. The information gathered by your inspector will not only help assuage your concerns about your new home, but could even lead to reductions in your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Remember: before you buy, inspect!