By Martin Johnson III | June 25, 2017

Homeowners Insurance Policies

Homeowners Insurance Policies

You pay for homeowners insurance policy every year but the insurance company won’t cover you, why? This is a common issue and gives the insurance industry a bad name. The devastation of a loss and the thought of a large repair bill is bad enough, but having your homeowners insurance deny a claim will make anyone mad. So why do home insurance companies deny these claims?

One of the most common claims denied is the roof repair. A large storm comes in and it rains for days and two days in to this week long rain you have water coming in from the ceiling. This is not fun to clean up and gets costly fast. You call your homeowners insurance agent and the home insurance carrier to start a claim. You have been paying for insurance for the last 10 years without a claim so all should be good, right. After the inspections, the roof repair is denied, which is common 70% of the time. You might be getting mad right now just reading this, right.

homeowners insurance roofLets looks at some facts. The home was built in 1979 and has the original roof. In 2016, the roof is 37 years old and most new roofs only have a 20 to 30 year guarantee. The roof has never been inspected nor has any maintenance been performed. This roof may not be covered under the homeowners insurance policy because of these facts. It’s normal wear and tear.

Now lets look at a home with a newer tile roof. The home is 5 years old and the roof looks good, from the ground. The same storm comes in and the same calls go to the homeowners insurance agent and home insurance carrier. What is the issue now? In the course of the last 5 years there has been wind, rain, and earthquakes. All these things and others has an effect on the roof included the building process. If tiles shift or slide they need to be moved back. If a tile breaks, it needs to be replaced. One tile on a tile roof is connected to the next tile and so on. So if one or two are out, this can make a whole section of the roof off. But still why would the homeowners insurance policy not cover the roof. Lack of maintenance.

The roof of your home should be inspected by a professional. There is no required period a roof should be inspected for the homeowners insurance, but once a year to every other year is a good habit to maintain. Just like your homeowners insurance policy should be reviewed at least every other year. Your home changes and so does the required coverage amounts.

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