By Martin Johnson III | April 30, 2019

How Much Homeowners Insurance For Condo?

Marty Johnson: Hello. Marty Johnson, JMW Insurance Solutions, here to answer the question how much homeowners insurance do you need for your condo? It’s an awesome question. Most condos have an association. And that association will have a homeowners dwelling policy that covers the common areas of the association, also covers the reconstruction cost of the outside of the condo. That means the condo owner needs to have what they call a walls-in policy to cover the inside of the condo, from the drywall in would be the responsibility of the condo owner. That’s drywall, flooring, countertops, sinks, medicine cabinets. All of that stuff is covered under the dwelling coverage of your condo policy. How much coverage do you need? It depends on how big the condo is.
You also want to make sure that you have personal property coverage to cover not only your personal property but appliances, and that kind of thing, that would fall under personal property. The other coverage that you want to make sure you have for your condo is the endorsements for sewers and drains, personal injury, that kind of thing, to make sure that you have all the liability coverage and water coverage that you need in a condo, because you have units attached to each other. And sometimes water leaks from the roof and sometimes it leaks from the sidewalls, that kind of thing. Again, Marty Johnson, JMW Insurance Solutions. Hope you have the right condo coverage. If you have any questions, give us a call. Have a great day. Bye now.