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Personal Watercraft & Boat Insurance

Personal Watercraft & Boat Insurance – Protect your boat or personal watercraft with boat insurance. Have you ever wondered how people don’t have boat insurance? I don’t have the exact number but I am always amazed with the boat owner that don’t have coverage.

There are plenty of options with boat insurance coverage, including roadside assistance, on water towing, total loss replacement, and also covering anything that is attached to your boat. Boat insurance is like auto insurance in many ways, but not everyone takes full advantage of boat insurance coverage.

I personally love spending time with family and friends at the lake and even own a boat. One of the most interesting places to watch is the marina. In the morning, you get to watch people launch their boat or personal watercraft and there is always someone that forgets the plug. Later in the day, they can’t seem to get the boat on the trailer or drive it up almost in the back of the truck. Boat insurance doesn’t fix these issues but will provide protection.

When a boat or personal watercraft catch fire, it’s almost impossible to not have complete fire damage and a total loss. When your boat starts taking on too much water in the middle of the lake, it’s very hard to keep up with pulling the water out before the boat sinks. And when you break down 30 minutes or more away from camp, the cost of towing is crazy expensive. Boat insurance can help recover the cost of these losses.

It will also cover any liability issues that may be caused by an accident. Yes, boat insurance has liability coverage as well. As a boat, you have seen, heard or know of someone that has been in a bad boating accident. Losing everything because you don’t have the right boat insurance should never happen.

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With boat insurance, you can cover all kinds of boats, like personal watercraft, jet boats, sailboats, fishing boats or house boats. We manage your insurance with our carrier connections to make sure your coverage and price have value. Let us put our 20 plus carriers to work for you.