Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance is designed for owners of homes that sit on unpredictable faults. Choose the type of protection plan you want, pay a monthly premium and avoid draining your savings account if an earthquake happens.

An earthquake is nothing to take for granted. A single disaster may cause thousands of dollars in damages, so getting the right amount of coverage is important. Anything and everything can be at risk, like windows, doors, floors, ceilings and all items in between. You could be dealing with caved in walls, uneven floors or toppled bookcases. In the worst cases, there could be floods or fires that rage out of control.

You can try to prevent a quake from destroying a home, but it is not guaranteed. When you use a quake insurance policy, you avoid paying for potential financially draining repairs. The benefits are also needed to pay for medical bills not covered by standard insurance policies. No matter what your profession is, stay above the water in regards to managing your finances, and staying prepared for disasters is crucial.

There are different types of earthquake insurance available, for both residential and commercial users. Residential coverage is made for owners of regular homes, condos, townhomes and mobile residences. Similarly, protect the assets of a large building by using commercial insurance. In case of an earthquake, you will not receive funds for damages through your existing home insurance policy. You need a separate, long-term policy that covers you for quake-related mayhem.

For every natural disaster, you need all-round protection for repair costs, medical bills, lost wages and more. If you live in an area where earthquakes are a problem, you must stay covered for all potential damages that could break you.