Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Riverside, CA

Home insurance protects your home and the property inside.

So what does that mean?

The structure of home
Other structures like sheds, pools, and fences
Personal property such as clothing or furniture
Great! Now, from what is all that protected?
Natural disasters (hail, wind, lightning, etc)
Other disasters (inside flooding, fire, etc.)
Theft & Vandalism
Personal liability & Loss of use
Catastrophic loss

insurance covers all of this to make you whole again. If you just moved into a new home or even if you already have a home insurance policy but are unsure if your coverage best fits your needs, we can help! Simply fill out the quick form to get started!

We at JMW insurance solutions work with over 30 carriers to find the best Riverside CA homeowners insurance policy for your needs for the right price. Too many companies only offer “as is” pricing; in other words, “you get what you get”. Not us!

Our focus is YOUR budget.

We get to know you and your personal situation so we can provide experienced suggestions about your coverage needs. Then you make the informed decision! To prove how much we care about YOU, we automatically shop your insurance annually to ensure you are getting the best value possible.

In 2016, 97.1% of home insurance claims were filed for property damage. Homeowners insurance protects you from property and liability losses. Depending on your residents type will determine the type in home insurance policy you need. If you own the home and it’s your primary residents, you need a homeowners insurance policy. If the home you own is a condo or sometimes a town-home, you need a wall in policy or condo insurance policy. If you are renting a home or apartment, you need a renter insurance policy.

Home Insurance – Condo Insurance – Town Home Insurance – Rental Property Insurance – Mobile Home Insurance – Renter’s Insurance.

These property insurance policies are designed to protect you against a catastrophic loss or total loss. They do provide more coverage for all types of losses, and most policies are what they call all perils policies. No matter if you are getting a homeowners insurance quote, condo insurance quote or renter insurance quote, make sure you take to an agent to review all the insurance options.