By Martin Johnson III | September 5, 2018

What To Look For When Choosing An Auto Insurance Agency

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Finding the right car insurance company is as important as deciding on a primary care physician: your car is, statistically speaking, the second largest investment you will ever make (behind purchasing a home), so you need to know that your vehicle isn’t just in good hands, it’s in the best hands.

The Customer Comes First

The most important aspect of any insurance agency is the quality of its customer service. You should feel comfortable with everyone you speak to, from the first interaction to your personal agent — even the automated system should make you feel at ease. Finding good insurance, whether it’s for business needs or commercial vehicle insurance, simply must have a strong foundation in customer service.

When you think about the stress of auto accidents — from managing police involvement and exchanging all necessary information with the other party to dealing with the actual repairs — the last thing you want to do is struggle with the one person who is supposed to be unequivocally on your side. There is no place for judgment or attitude in insurance claims, period. If you get the sense that your agent is being anything less than a staunch professional throughout your experience, it’s time to find a new insurance agency — one that cares about you more than your money.

Options and Experience

That being said, kindness and understanding should never trump knowledge and experience. Balancing the two is the true secret to a great company. You’re going to want an agency that has a history of success, replete with all the information that comes from trial and error (and winning).

Great insurance companies will also be able to give you options based on your personal and financial needs. Some independent insurance agencies work with specific carriers to create the best overall insurance package for yourself and your family; they do the work so you don’t have to.

There are over 268 million registered vehicles in the U.S.; the crowded city streets and country roads offer increased opportunities for accidents, but finding a great insurance agency can keep you protected through the risk. Don’t settle for anything less than the best; do your research and discover your ideal auto insurance provider today.

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