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Having a robust insurance plan is the first step towards ensuring that your business will survive even in a crisis. If you ensure your business safety at the initial stage, the insurance policy you paid for will do its job to let your company run smoothly like normal and cover all the costs related to financial loss.

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At JMW Insurance Solutions Inc, we pride ourselves in evaluating your business insurance needs in Riverside, California. We take the time to find out the different challenges your industry may have for insurance concerns and tailor a package that fits your risks. We also look at other exposures your business may have according to your personnel, location and future plans.

Our top-rated business insurance companies work with many local businesses and global providers to ensure even the worst disaster won’t affect your business adversely. With their assistance, you can rest assured that your business has the insurance coverage it needs. With our comprehensive insurance programs, you’ll always be financially protected in case any unwanted event occurs in your life. Our business insurance team’s extensive professional experience and knowledge make them fully aware of risks facing California businesses and help you mitigate those risks.

Types of Insurances that we provide

Professional Compensation

Designed for professionals who deliver a specialized service or advice to their customers, professional compensation insurance will protect your business against professional negligence claims brought against it. It can also protect your administrators, business partners, and workers if any legal action is taken against them individually.

Investment Property Insurance

Investment property is an imperative aspect of a business because there are numerous risks involved in owning a property regardless of its type. Thus sufficient insurance cover is crucial, and at JMW Insurance Solutions, we have the expertise to ensure protection for your asset.

Workers Compensation

This compensation is designed for employees who suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses. Worker compensation is one of the most difficult covers. Thus, JMW’s experienced team secures a policy for your needs.

Employees Disability

Accidents and illnesses are very unpredictable life incidents, and they can potentially affect you more often than you would think. Have you ever thought what would happen if you were unable ever to earn an income again? We are here to assist you in providing you with total & permanent disability compensation so you can live the rest of your life with contentment. Having disability insurance provides wage replacement benefits that cover around 50 to 60% of employee earnings (depending on the package that you will use).

How we approach?

We take the time to understand your business, so your insurance program includes relevant policies. Our business insurance team tailors a package for your business needs.

Speak to the team at JMW Insurance Solutions today, and we can advise you on business insurance packages to protect your business now and in the future. You can request a quote or call us directly at 951-501-2900 to discuss your case. Contact us earlier, and we will assist you on a priority basis.

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